Who Manufactures Lexus?

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If you’re searching for a new Lexus in Lakewood Ranch, you might be wondering, “who manufactures Lexus,” or even, “is Lexus owned by Toyota?” And you would be right! Lexus is owned by the Toyota Motor Corporation, but operates independently. Read more about the history of Lexus with the team at Wilde Lexus Sarasota, then check out our car buying tips from our finance team and learn how to get lower interest rates on your car loan!

Where Are Lexus Models Made?

So, what country is Lexus from? Lexus models are produced in Japan, specifically from plants in the Chūbu and Kyūshū regions. The first Lexus built outside of Japan was the Lexus RX 330 and it was manufactured in Ontario, Canado. Wondering where your Bradenton Lexus model was created? Explore the many locations our Lexus models are made:

  • Tahara, Japan — LS, GS, IS, GX, RX, and NX
  • Toyota City, Japan — ES, LX, LFA, and LC
  • Kitakyushu, Japan — CT, HS, and RX
  • Miyawaka, Japan — ES, IS, RX, NX, and UX
  • Susono, Japan — SC
  • Cambridge, Ontario, Canada — RX and RXh
  • Georgetown, Kentucky, USA — ES

When Was Lexus Founded?

Nagoya, Japan is home to the Lexus headquarters, even though Toyota owns the Lexus brand. Since the early 2000s, Lexus has operated its own offices for design, engineering, and manufacturing. Check out the Lexus timeline below to learn more about your Venice Lexus vehicle:

  • 1983 – Based on a challenge started by the chairman, Eiji Toyoda, Toyota begins Project F1, with the intention of producing the world’s best car. Project F1 included market research in Laguna Beach, California, studying wealthy Americans.
  • 1989 – The Lexus brand is launched, thanks to Project F1, a luxury car brand focusing on international markets, with 81 new U.S. Lexus dealerships.
  • January 1989 – Debuting at the North American International Auto Show, the Lexus LS 400 with a 4.0L V8 gasoline engine and rear-wheel drive, was released, shaking up the luxury sedan market. Critics rave about the quality, performance, aerodynamics, comfortable interior, and more.
  • 2019 – After releasing many more vehicles and maintaining its stakeholder in the industry during international recessions, the ten millionth Lexus is sold.

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