How to Use the Lexus RX Steering Wheel Controls

1.) On the far left of the steering wheel, the plus and minus buttons control the volume.

2.) Moving to the right, the up and down arrows allow you to switch radio stations or move to the next track if you are playing media.

3.) The Mode button allows you to change your audio source. If you press and hold it will pause bluetooth or CD players. Holding it again will unpause.

4.) Below that is the voice command switch, with both the answer and end call phone icons.

5.) On the right side of the wheel, the multi arrow buttons and the dot control the multiinformational system in your vehicle’s dashboard between the speedometer and tachometer.

6.) The upper right back arrow will clear out anything on the screen Below is is the default screen home button for your display.

7.) The final two buttons are the lane departure alert button that turns it either on or off. To the right of it is the dynamic radar cruise control button. Pressing it allows you to make adjustments on how far you would like to stay behind the vehicle in front of you during cruise control.