2023 Lexus GX Comparison

2023 Lexus GX

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2023 lexus GX

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The Lexus GX is no ordinary SUV. It’s capable, comfortable and ready to take you places you couldn’t get to before—in luxurious splendor. Choose from four styles starting with the GX 460 and moving through the GX 460 Black Line Special Edition with various color options and accessories and build a GX that’s all yours. Learn why you should make the Lexus GX your next ride and how it beats the competition in almost every conceivable way.



View of the dash  and tech of a Lexus GX


The Lexus GX combines luxury with raw performance. With 329 pound-feet of torque body-on-frame construction and full-time four-wheel drive, you can tackle the toughest back roads. Plus, you can bring anything that won’t fit in the cabin with an available towing capacity of up to 6,500 pounds. To create a smooth ride in nearly any road or off-road condition, the Lexus GX dips into technology developed from the World Rally Championship with the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System to automatically adjust the stabilizer bars to match road conditions. It’s a higher standard of performance that leaves the competition in the dust.


The Lexus GX can take you deep into the wild – and keep you connected there and back. The Lexus Multimedia System brings Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration to a 10.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen so you’re always connected to the apps and people who matter most.

Plus, Voice-controlled Lexus Enform Dynamic Navigation and Destination Assist make adventuring easy with an enhanced way to experience the world. Something that competitors only wish they could provide.


Every Lexus GX comes with the radar- and camera-based active safety features of Lexus Safety System Plus. This package includes high-speed dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert, pre-collision system with pedestrian detection and more. It’s the most advanced active safety equipment ever offered on a GX and a level of safety that competitors can only hope to emulate.

View of the back and side of a Lexus GX

A Step Above The Competition

The Lexus GX offers several advantages that differentiate it from other luxury vehicles in the market, including:

Off-Road Capability:

Compared to luxury vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz GLE, Genesis GV80, Audi Q8, Lincoln Aviator, Cadillac XT6, and Volvo XC90, the Lexus GX excels in off-road capability. With its rugged body-on-frame construction, advanced four-wheel drive system, and exceptional ground clearance, the GX is better equipped to handle challenging terrains and off-road adventures.

Reliability and Durability:

Lexus vehicles, including the GX, have a strong reputation for reliability and durability. When compared to its luxury counterparts, the GX often stands out for its long-lasting performance and dependable ownership experience. Lexus consistently ranks highly in reliability surveys, reinforcing its reputation for building vehicles that stand the test of time.

Seating Capacity and Versatility:

The Lexus GX offers three rows of seating, accommodating up to seven passengers. This sets it apart from some luxury vehicles that may have limited seating capacity. The GX’s versatile interior design allows for flexible configurations, making it suitable for both passengers and cargo.

View of the dash  and front seat of a Lexus GX

Off-Road Luxury:

The Lexus GX combines its off-road capabilities with luxurious features, providing a unique proposition. While luxury vehicles like the Mercedes- Benz GLE, Audi Q8, and Volvo XC90 offer sophisticated technology and refined interiors, the GX offers a blend of ruggedness and luxury. It caters to those seeking an upscale driving experience with the added capability to venture off the beaten path.

Exceptional Customer Service:

Lexus has a strong reputation for delivering excellent customer service. Owners of the GX can expect benefits such as personalized attention, complimentary scheduled maintenance, and reliable roadside assistance. This commitment to customer satisfaction distinguishes the Lexus brand from its luxury competitors.

While each luxury vehicle mentioned has its own strengths, the Lexus GX stands out with its off-road capability, reliability, seating capacity, off-road luxury combination, and exceptional customer service. These qualities make the GX a compelling choice for individuals who value ruggedness, versatility, and a luxurious ownership experience.

A Lexus GX pulling a trailer by a lake



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