What is Lexus Smart Key?

June 1st, 2022 by

Virtually every new car comes equipped with some form of keyless entry system—usually involving a pocket fob—which enables the holder to remotely unlock the driver’s door by simply pressing the “Unlock” button on the fob.

Pressing the button again within three seconds unlocks the passenger doors as well, while relocking them all is as easy as pressing the “Lock” button.

Lexus’ SmartAccess key performs these functions, and more. In addition to allowing the user to lock and unlock the doors, it opens the trunk and starts the engine, all without ever having to remove the fob from your pocket.

How does it work? Sensors inside the car detect when the SmartAccess key is nearby, then allows entry simply by touching the door handle. Once inside, the driver depresses the brake, then presses the “Start/Stop” button to start the engine. (Note: Should you inadvertently press the “Start” button without depressing the brake, the system toggles between the Off, Accessory, and Run modes, then starts the engine safely like a traditional key-based ignition system.

Meanwhile, the SmartAccess Key Card—which is available on most new Lexus models—adds another layer of convenience by performing the same functions as the SmartAccess key fob.

Similar in size to two credit cards placed back-to-back, the SmartAccess Key Card affords entry to your Lexus through a simple touch of its door. The card fits easily into your pocket, purse or wallet, which means you can leave the fob at home.

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