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Lexus Battery Service in Sarasota, FL

When it comes to your car, a dead battery can be a major inconvenience and can leave you stranded at the worst possible moment. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your battery always has the charge and reliability you need with routine battery inspections and tests at Lexus of Sarasota. Our team of certified service technicians will thoroughly inspect your battery every time you come in for any service to ensure that it’s ready to tackle any season.

If you want to learn more about the importance of battery inspections or how to tell if your car battery is on its last legs, review this page and contact us today for more information. At Lexus of Sarasota, we strive for excellence in every aspect of your experience. Our commitment to genuine parts ensures you receive only the best quality. See for yourself why our customers keep returning.

Sign of a Dying Car Battery

If you’re experiencing difficulty starting your vehicle or notice dim headlights when the engine is turned off, it’s likely a warning sign that your battery is getting weak and may need to be replaced. We recommend replacing it with a Genuine Lexus battery, which is manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards. These batteries are the only authorized batteries for original equipment (OE) warranty replacement and come with a 24-month replacement warranty. Additionally, they’re prorated for the remaining balance of the 84-month warranty period.

When to Replace Your Car Battery

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it may be time to replace your car’s battery:

  • Is your battery over three years old?
  • Has it outlived its warranty period?
  • Have any warning lights come on?
  • Have you jump-started your vehicle recently?
  • Have you used a portable charger to recharge your battery lately?
  • Do the lights in your car dim when the A/C or heat is on?
  • Has your vehicle had alternator or belt problems recently?
  • Is there visible corrosion on the battery posts or cables?

At Lexus of Sarasota, we understand the importance of having a reliable car battery. That’s why our experts perform thorough tests to check the battery’s power levels and identify any signs of corrosion, ensuring your battery is always charged and ready for anything. Don’t neglect your car’s battery – it’s an essential component of your vehicle’s operation. Getting your car battery serviced and inspected at Lexus of Sarasota is an investment in your peace of mind and a guarantee that your battery will always be in top condition.

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Battery Test & Inspections

At Lexus of Sarasota, our team of skilled technicians is equipped with the latest battery-testing equipment to determine the health and state of charge of your vehicle’s battery. This helps prevent any unpleasant situations arising from a battery failure. Our certified technicians also conduct a thorough review of all the battery lines and components surrounding your battery terminals to detect any signs of corrosion or other issues that may cause an unstable and unsafe battery.

Don’t wait until your battery fails, schedule an appointment with us to get your battery tested, serviced, or replaced. We also ensure the proper disposal of your old battery, thereby contributing towards conserving our environment.

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How to Test your Lexus Battery

  1. Turn off your Lexus vehicle and all of its accessories.
  2. Set your multimeter to 20V DC.
  3. Place the Red Positive multimeter lead on the battery’s Positive Terminal.
  4. Place the Black Negative multimeter lead on the battery’s Negative Terminal.
  5. Read the outputted measurement on the multimeter.
  6. If you are reading under 12.4 Volts, you may need to charge the vehicle’s battery.

Why Choose Lexus of Sarasota?

When you select Lexus of Sarasota, you can access a full-fledged service center staffed by Lexus-trained and certified technicians. Whether your Lexus requires routine maintenance or a more intricate repair, rely on our diligent and seasoned team to handle any service with expertise. Contact our service center today at 888-975-5013 or conveniently schedule an appointment online for all your Lexus service requirements. More reasons to choose Lexus of Sarasota include:

  • Trained and Certified Lexus Service Technicians
  • Lexus Tire Center
  • Genuine OEM Lexus Parts
  • Service & Parts Specials

Battery Service FAQs

At Lexus of Sarasota, you can rely on trained and certified technicians to replace your battery with a genuine Lexus-recommended battery. Additionally, you'll receive competitive pricing and have access to a comfortable lounge while you wait.

It is recommended to get your Lexus's battery inspected every six months and/or before a cold snap to keep its performance in check.

Car batteries typically last from 3 to 5 years, but their lifespan can be affected by leaving your lights on, cold snaps, and accidents.

The most common reasons for a car battery to die early are leaving your lights on, significant temperature fluctuations, and corrosive damage.

The average cost of a car battery can vary, but it typically ranges around $300.

L/Certified by Lexus is a complimentary scheduled maintenance program offered by Lexus to keep your L/Certified vehicle running in optimal condition. The program includes the next four scheduled maintenance service visits within 2 years or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first) and begins upon purchasing your L/Certified vehicle.

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