Lexus Brake Service in Sarasota, FL

Discover the importance of routine brake inspections and brake pad replacements, and identify warning signs of worn brake pads with the assistance of the team at Lexus of Sarasota. Our trained and certified service technicians are dedicated to ensuring that your Lexus is always running at its best, which is why we’ll work with you to help you understand the importance of regular brake checks and maintenance. When you’re ready, trust our team to take care of your maintenance requirements promptly and efficiently and schedule your next service appointment online



Quality Parts

The Parts Center at Lexus of Sarasota is your go-to destination for genuine OEM brake components tailored specifically for Lexus vehicles. Our knowledgeable professionals are ready to address any questions regarding brake parts for your Lexus. In cases where the part you require is not currently available in our inventory, we will promptly place an order on your behalf and ensure a timely delivery. Start the process by completing a Parts Order Form today and experience the assurance of quality and precision that comes with genuine Lexus brake parts.

Brake Inspections

Brakes serve as your Lexus’s initial line of defense, ensuring safety on the road. This makes regular brake inspections crucial to your Lexus’s optimal operation. When you visit our Service Center for routine maintenance, such as an oil change, our expert technicians will comprehensively examine various components, including your brakes. This inspection includes assessing wear, checking brake fluid levels, measuring brake pad/shoe thickness, inspecting for potential leaks, examining calipers and their components, verifying anti-lock brake sensors, and testing hardware to make any necessary adjustments.

When To Replace Brakes

Lexus recommends having your brake pads replaced approximately every 50,000 miles. However, individual mileage may vary based on lifestyle demands and driving habits. Hard braking, exposure to road debris, and inadequate brake maintenance can contribute to a shortened lifespan of brake pads. When you choose the Lexus of Sarasota Service Center, our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your brake system to ensure optimal performance and address potential issues.

Brakes Service

Signs of Worn Brakes

Various signs may indicate that your Lexus brake pads are worn and require inspection or replacement. Look out for common warning signals such as a spongy or hard-to-press brake pedal, squealing or grinding noises during braking, your vehicle pulling to one side, noticeable shaking in the steering wheel or brake pedal when applying brakes, and the illumination of the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warning lights. If you observe any of these indicators, we recommend scheduling service at the Lexus of Sarasota Service Center.

Why Service at Lexus of Sarasota

When you choose the Service Center at Lexus of Sarasota, you gain access to a state–of–the–art service center staffed by Lexus-trained and certified technicians. Whether your Lexus requires routine maintenance or a more intricate repair, rely on our diligent and seasoned team to handle any service with expertise. Contact our service center today at 888-975-5013 or conveniently schedule an appointment online for all your Lexus service requirements. More reasons to choose Lexus of Sarasota include:

  • Trained and Certified Lexus Service Technicians
  • Lexus Tire Center
  • Genuine OEM Lexus Parts
  • Service & Parts Specials

Brake Service FAQs

Routine maintenance includes engine oil services, inspection services, brake fluid service, engine air filter, tire rotations and changes, and cabin air microfilter changes.

We recommend replacing your brakes every 50,000 miles. However, driving habits and lifestyle demands can shorten the lifespan of your brakes.

Vibrations, shakes, and jitters are all common warning signs that your brake rotors are warped. If you're experiencing any of these things, you should bring your car in immediately for maintenance if it’s still safe to drive. Warped rotors may need to be either ground down to working order or replaced.

There are small, metal hairs at the bottom, which make loud noises. If you hear squealing or scraping, it means that your brakes are nearly out of gripping material.

Brake fluid helps transfer the movement and force created when you press down on the brake pedal.

  • Brakes feel spongy or hard to press down
  • Squealing or grinding noises
  • Your car pulls to one side
  • Your steering wheel or brake pedal shakes when applying the brake
  • Your Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warning lights to come on

  • Check brake pads and rotors.
  • Flushing your brake fluid.
  • Bleeding of your brake lines.
  • Replacing or updating older worn brake parts.

Getting your brake pads inspected and changed is important to not only help maintain your vehicle’s performance but also for your safety. Over time your pads wear down from use, and if you start to hear squealing, rattling, or grinding, you should have your brakes looked at immediately.

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