Should I Buy or Lease at Wilde Lexus Sarasota?

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If you’re considering a new Lexus, choosing between Wilde Lexus Sarasota lease or financing can be tough. Leasing is a  great way to get low monthly payments and up-to-date features, while financing is better if you’d like to own your vehicle. Explore this Wilde Lexus Sarasota lease vs. buying pros and cons comparison before you make up your mind!

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Why Lease at Wilde Lexus Sarasota?

Wilde Lexus Sarasota is a popular destination that offers a Lexus lease Tampa drivers can afford. Find out why so many Floridians choose car leasing with us:

  • Features: Leasing ensures you get a new vehicle with high tech features every time your lease term ends.
  • Payments: Monthly lease payments are generally less than loan payments. That goes for lease down payments as well. Check out our Lexus lease payment estimator to help figure out your budget.
  • Trade-In: Trading in a leased vehicle is a simple process. Just bring it back to the dealership and choose your next model. With a car you bought, you’ll have to choose between selling at a dealership and selling to a private buyer.
  • Approval Rate: Even if you’re denied for an auto loan, you may be approved for a lease. Check with the car buying experts in our financing department for more details.

Why Buy Your Next Lexus?

Whether you’re commuting to work in Lakewood Ranch or exploring the great outdoors in a Lexus RX, financing can be a great way to enjoy your vehicle for years to come. Check out the benefits today:

  • Accessories: A lease doesn’t let you make substantial modifications to your vehicle. If you want to add Lexus performance parts or change up the paint, financing is the better choice.
  • Ownership: Once you’ve paid off the amount you’ve financed, you own the vehicle. You’re free to sell the car or trade it in for a newer model. With a lease, the leasing company owns the vehicle. You’ll need to keep the car until the lease term is up.
  • Mileage: A lease contract puts certain restrictions on how much you drive your vehicle. If you have a long commute outside of Bradenton, that can make leasing more expensive due to overage fees. An auto loan isn’t as restrictive. You won’t have to pay for excess wear on the vehicle, although it will likely lower the resale price.

Visit Wilde Lexus Sarasota for Lease Offers

When you’ve made your decision, turn to Wilde Lexus Sarasota near Bradenton. We can help you figure out the total cost of a car loan or lease. In addition, we have Lexus RX lease offers which make this luxury SUV and other models within reach of more customers.

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