5 Tips to Becoming a More Fuel-Efficient Driver

August 18th, 2018 by

Pumping gas

It can seem like you’re constantly filling up your gas tank if you drive regularly, and gas in Sarasota — or anywhere for that matter — doesn’t come cheap. If you’re interested in reducing the cost of your daily drive in addition to minimizing your carbon footprint, follow these five easy steps from Lexus of Sarasota to become a more fuel-efficient driver.

How to Get the Best Fuel Efficiency

  1. Accelerate Slowly: You should already avoid speeding, but it’s also important not to quickly speed up from a stop. This burst of fuel actually wastes a lot of gas and could cause wear and tear over time. However, be sure you aren’t accelerating too slowly either, as this can eat up gas. Experiment with what’s best for your make and model.
  2. Pay Attention: Avoiding being a distracted driver is helpful in more ways than one! Planning out driving maneuvers ahead of time can help you avoid accelerating too quickly or making rapid stops.
  3. Plan Errands: You probably run your fair share of errands in Venice, but planning them out ahead of time is an easy way to avoid backtracking or making multiple stops. These can easily add up and eat up more gas.
  4. Lay Off the Brakes: Coast to a stop whenever possible. Unlike hitting the brakes at the last second, this will help you avoid wear and tear as well as save additional fuel over time.
  5. Obey the Speed Limit: While you should be doing this already, an added bonus is that most vehicles deliver better fuel efficiency under 50 mph.

Other Tips to Help You Save

Want to decrease your carbon footprint even more? Here are some other driving-related tips that equate to improved fuel economy:

  • Use the AC: Try to use your AC at highway speeds to reduce drag and potentially even improve your fuel economy.
  • Watch Tire Pressure: Keeping up with your tire pressure contributes to safety as well as improved fuel economy.
  • Limit Ethanol: Ethanol is not only bad for the environment, it also plummets fuel efficiency rates because more ethanol is required to produce the same amount of energy as gas.

Improve Your Fuel Efficiency in Sarasota

By implementing these easy driving tips in Bradenton, you’re well on your way to becoming a more fuel-efficient driver. Whether you’re driving a new vehicle or used option, these suggestions will help keep your car in top shape. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Lexus of Sarasota for more info!


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