How to Setup the 2022 Lexus Bluetooth System

August 2nd, 2021 by

How to Setup Bluetooth Phone Pairing to a 2022 Lexus using the “HandsFree” or “RX”  


1.) Put your Lexus in PARK.

2.) Press the MENU button of your Lexus.

3.) On your Lexus display screen, click SETUP.

4.) On your Lexus display screen, click BLUETOOTH.

5.) Go to your SETTINGS and turn on BLUETOOTH in your mobile device.

6.) Select “HandsFree” or “Lexus RX”. 

6.) When the dashboard system recognizes your device, it will provide you with a code on your car display. If this number pairs with the number provided on your phone, press “Pair”.


If you are having issues connecting to your Lexus’s Bluetooth, please contact your local Lexus dealership.

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