Lexus Innovates the Future

October 4th, 2017 by

Lexus Innovates the Future! Lexus released a new YouTube video yesterday that focuses on how it plans to innovate the future writing, “Lexus doesn’t just have a vision of the future. We have a goal. By continuously innovating safety technology, we’re getting one step closer to that goal: a world without accidents. Experience driver-first innovation. Experience Amazing. Learn more about Lexus Safety System+ at”
We shared information on the Lexus safety system when we announced the LS. “The LS is designed to be the top runner in advanced safety technologies,” said Lexus LS Chief Engineer Asahi. The all-new Lexus LS provides world-class safety technology through the combination of two advanced Lexus safety systems, Lexus Safety System+ and Lexus Safety System+ A (Advanced) Package, which are ultimately aimed at reducing traffic fatalities.”
Check out the video below: