Precious Cargo: The 7 Greatest Lexus Safety Technology Features to Keep You Safe

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Did you know that on average 3,287 people lose their lives in car crashes globally?

How we wish that we could guarantee that our loved ones never face the trauma of an automobile accident.

While we can’t do this, we can surround them with the most effective safety technology. If an accident should happen, the chances of their escaping without injury will be much higher.

Lexus is world renowned for its high safety standards. But how do they actually keep you and your loved ones safe?

Check out our guide to the 7 greatest safety technology features found aboard Lexus cars.

Pre-collision System

The pre-collision system available on many Lexus models saves lives both inside and outside the vehicle. It incorporates radar sensor technology to detect objects, including other vehicles, in the car’s path.

If the obstacle is a risk the pre-collision system will react instantly. It communicates with the braking system to prepare it for swift action. It also may deem it necessary to tighten the seatbelts. This ensures that a passenger’s sitting posture is as safe as possible should sharp braking or a collision occur.

Lane Assistance

Lane discipline is a key factor preventing accidents. Lane assistance technology keeps the car in the safest part of the lane and prevents straying into the next lane.

More than this, it maintains a central position in the lane. Many drivers find themselves moving from one side of the lane to the other. Something your passengers will appreciate.

Lexus’ Lane Trace Assist (LTA) is connected with GPS technology and it uses data from mapping software to predict the course of the road. This means that it can alert the driver to an upcoming bend in the road.

In some cases, LTA can automatically slow the vehicle if the driver has not deeded its warnings.

Intelligent High Beams

Do you find it frustrating to constantly change beam length at night? Do you tend to leave your lights on low to avoid this? Lexus has the answer.

The car’s sensors will search the road ahead and if no other vehicles are detected, default to high beam. However, when lights are detected they will automatically change to low beam.

This means that in every circumstance the driver has the optimum lighting for the road ahead. This is possible without having to constantly adjust your settings. This improves their visibility substantially.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

We all love the ease of driving with cruise control. Did you ever wish that your car’s cruise control could adapt to the environment surrounding it?

Dynamic radar cruise control does just that. It uses two sensors to track the distance between both close and distant vehicles.

Dynamic cruise control will maintain the distance between you and the car in front as set by you. It will even slow down the vehicle to a crawl to maintain this distance. When traffic moves, it will automatically increase the speed of the car

Road Sign Assist

Many accidents are caused each year by distracted drivers looking for the exit sign or other directional signposts. They take their eyes off the road at the crucial moment resulting in an accident.

However, Lexus technology has found a way to avoid this. Road Sign Assist (RSA) can read road and traffic directions and display them in the car. This may be through the LCD screen mounted on the dashboard.

It is also possible to convey this information through the heads-up-display (HUD). This ensures that the information is directly in the line of sight of the driver.


People have different views regarding the effectiveness of airbags. Yet, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that airbags save lives. Their statistics show that frontal airbags saved 2,790 teenage or adult lives in 2017 alone.

Lexus recognizes the effectiveness of airbags and places airbags in up to 10 different locations through the vehicle. This includes protection for knees and against side-impact.

Their purpose is to ensure little movement around the car’s interior for front and back seated passengers in the event of an accident.

Pedestrian Alert and Steering Assist

We are all alert to the possibility of a young child stepping out into the road ahead of us. However, Lexus takes this to the next level with Pedestrian Alert and Steering Assist.

Let’s imagine that a pedestrian steps into the road ahead of the vehicle. When the vehicle is within a certain distance of the car, the vehicle will sound an alarm. As it approaches it will display an animated warning on the HUD.

In the same scenario, the pedestrian does not exit the roadway and the car continues at the same speed.

In this case, the onboard computer will work with the pre-collision system and initiate an evasive maneuver. The onboard computer will automatically swerve the vehicle around the pedestrian.

Safety Connect

Safety connect is not a safety tool, but a whole toolkit by itself. Services include Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Location, Emergency Assistance Button (SOS), and Roadside Assistance

Every day in the US, more than 1000 people are injured due to road accidents caused by mobile phone usage. While some are messaging, many are using their phone navigation system in hand.

Lexus removes all need for this. Their safety connect service includes Destination Assist.

Destination assist provides a real-life personal assistant for the driver. The agent researches the subject requested by the driver. This may include destination addresses, gas stations, restaurants.

The agent will then send this to the onboard computer. This information will display on the HUD to direct the driver to the destination. It delivers accurate information without distracting the driver.

Safety Technology That Protects Your Most Precious Cargo

While we all hope that the unthinkable will never happen, we cannot mitigate for other drivers.

If that day should ever come, you will be glad that you chose Lexus. A vehicle that incorporates safety technology that prioritizes your safety and that of your children.

If you’re ready to purchase one of the safest cars on the market for you and your family, visit our dealership on Clark Rd. in Sarasota.

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