You Can Still Purchase the Impressive Lexus LFA

August 16th, 2017 by

Lexus LFA

You Can Still Purchase the Impressive Lexus LFA! We’ve written about the Lexus LFA before sharing, “The Lexus LFA, the only V10 ever made by Lexus, first came out in 2012 and impressed with its loud engine that only produces 553 horsepower and carbon fiber body. According to autoevolution, the Lexus development team originally wanted to create the body out of aluminum, but that proved too heavy and had to be changed to carbon fiber. This carbon fiber body is one of the main reasons that the Lexus LFA comes in at around $350,000. This price ultimately led to the Lexus LFA production being ceased after two years, but Lexus has plans for its next sports car the LC 500!”

According to some recent investigative research, Autoblog found that 12 LFAs are still available at US dealers and confirmed the availability with a representative of Toyota. There were only 500 Lexus LFAs made, with 170 of those making it to the US market. Clarification from Art of Gears explains that the LFA, unfortunately, wasn’t as successful as intended, so many models ended up at dealers where the models are more than likely not intended for resale, but for display or will become a future collector’s car.

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