Drivers’ Favorites: Why the 2019 Lexus ES is So Popular

July 3rd, 2019 by

You’re looking for a new luxury car, but you don’t know which brand to turn to for the best on the market. Who can you trust for safety and luxury without breaking the bank?

Consider the 2019 Lexus ES for its reliability, premium comfort, and outstanding safety features. The re-designed ES is a cut above the rest of those typical high-class brands.

Lexus is known for being a luxury brand that puts safety above all else. The cars they make are safe for the most precious cargo, and they look great as well. What more could you ask for?

Lexus ES History

Before we get into the details of the 2019 model, let’s look back at some of the histories of the Lexus ES.

The ES has been offered since 1989 when Toyota unveiled the Lexus name as a luxurious version of their sedans.

Initially, the ES was crafted on the same frame as the Toyota Camry, being economically friendly as far as production is concerned. Though the Camry was popular during that time, the ES struggled at first.

The ES wasn’t sought after then the way it is now, simply because it was so similar to the Camry. But don’t let that deter you!

As the brand grew, so did the interest in the ES models. The Lexus ES reliability was unmatched, and the comforts and safety the car offered was something to be proud of. The consumers were blown away by the features offered on a sedan with an affordable price point.

Since 2012, the company has offered Hybrid models of the ES, which makes the consumers feel better about their contributions to the well-being of the environment. The Hybrid model doesn’t compromise any of the other Lexus standard features, and the price point is incredibly affordable for everything included.

Whether you’re interested in the V6 option, or the Hybrid, the Lexus ES is perfect for you.

2019 Lexus ES

The all-new 2019 Lexus ES is somewhat of a trailblazer.

It has been redesigned this year, starting the 7th generation of the model. The body lines are sharp in comparison to the sleek look of previous years. They are unseen to this brand and the change has been widely welcomed.

The interior has been modernized as well. Sharp edges and light contrasts, with more driver-oriented controls, makes the 2019 model a great refreshed option. The car itself has been lengthened by three inches and widened by one, overall giving the car more room for a more comfortable drive.

2018 vs. 2019

The best way to showcase how big the improvements are on the 2019 version is to compare it with the 2018 model. Both are fantastic vehicles, but the 2019 ES has improved in many areas.

Miles Per Gallon

  • In 2018, the V6 ES was getting 21 mpg in the city, 30 mpg on the highway and 24 mpg with city and highway driving combined
  • 2019 ES models offer 22 mpg in the city, 33 mpg on the highway, and 26 mpg combined

This is a little improvement with great outcomes for the consumer. But this is only a comparison of the V6 engine option. What about the hybrid engine?

  • 2018 offered 39 mpg in the city, 40 mpg on the highway, and 40 mpg combined
  • Now to blow your mind! The 2019 Hybrid has a staggering 43 mpg in the city, 45 mpg on the highway, and a combined 44 mpg. This is incredible!

Clearly, Lexus is making the correct decisions when it comes to fuel efficiency. These numbers are outstanding, and a huge bonus to the safety and luxury feel of the car.


The 2019 Lexus ES offers a variety of new technology for the first time this year. The first thing many have noticed is the giant 12.3-inch display screen on the dash. This baby is more than 4 inches larger than the 2018’s version.

Amazon Alexa is now offered in the vehicle, providing a special Lexus skill that allows for remote starting, locking/unlocking, checking fuel level, etc. all from the comfort of remotely using a smart device. This is a handy feature, one that Lexus is pioneering.

Why Should You Buy?

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more details you might find interesting.

J.D. Power reviewed the 2019 Lexus ES, and their honesty highlights what the car is all about. Luxury comfort, smart details, and fantastic safety prove that this is the best car on the market for the value.

The range of features allows the consumer to pick and choose the details they are interested in and keep the price in a comfortable position. If a Hybrid isn’t what you’re looking for, the V6 ES is an elite sedan that does offer some “Get Up and Go”.

Take a look back at one of our previous blog posts about the dominating safety features, and why Lexus should be at the top of your list.

Specifically, Road Sign Assist, Lane Departure Alert, and Pre-Collision System are just some of the proactive safety features on the new 2019 Lexus ES.

You can feel comfortable putting your family in this car without giving up the little luxuries you love.

The starting MSRP is as low as $39,600 for the V6 option, and the hybrid is at a lower cost than last year, coming in at only $41,820. What a steal!


The all-new 2019 Lexus ES is a force to be reckoned with. The sharp body lines and eccentric style are unique and modern in today’s world of drab and dull cars.

The fuel efficiency is top notch in both the V6 and Hybrid versions. How many luxury sedans can offer this level of efficiency without compromising on looks and performance?

These cars are absolutely incredible and worth every penny. Come out and look at one yourself if you’re in the Sarasota area. You can also view our inventory online, or give us a call with any questions you might have.

We’d love to get you in a new car, especially one as awesome as the ES. We guarantee we have something for everyone on the lot, so just give us a call or stop by to let us help you get in the car of your dreams.

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